Through academic study and field practice in community-based public health and social work, collaborative leadership, professional ethics and management sciences, the CHHS program uniquely prepares graduates for successful careers as 21st century health and human service professionals working in integrated delivery systems. Students also develop an understanding of and sensitivity to culturally, economically, ethnically, geographically and racially diverse communities through a multicultural curriculum and applied field practice experiences.

Students interested in careers in social work, health education, public safety, counseling, and allied health care professions will be exposed to cutting edge academic research and expert community mentors in this integrated degree program. Over ninety percent of CHHS alumni who have applied to graduate degree programs (in a variety of disciplines) have been admitted.

As our social, political, and economic environments continue to experience increasing uncertainty and rapid change, public, nonprofit and private agencies are in the process of transforming themselves into more flexible, innovative, and outcomes-based organizations to more effectively and collaboratively pursue shared service goals. To be successful in this rapidly evolving environment, CHHS graduates are equipped with a "toolbox" of interprofessional competencies that include the knowledge, skills and abilities of innovation, leadership, collaboration, and organizational development in health and human services organization and agencies.